Red Wattle Products

Trillium Meadows Heritage Pigs & Red Deer Farm

Red Wattle Product List

  • Tenderloin
  • French racks
  • Loin medallions
  • Leg medallions
  • Leg steaks
  • Sirloin steaks
  • Leg roasts
  • Shoulder roasts
  • Stewing cubes
  • Ground
  • Sausages
  • Pepperets
  • Charcuterie items
  • Seasonal specialties


In 2023 we started to phase out our wild boar herd due to the provincial classification of wild boars as an invasive species and consequent ban on wild boar farming.  After months of research, we felt that the best fit to replace our wild boars was to acquire some Heritage Red Wattle pigs.

These pigs have been known in North America since at least the mid-1800s and the original stock might have arrived courtesy of Spanish farmers. They are a sturdy, hearty and adaptable breed, with flavourful, delightfully marbled, melt-in-your-mouth meat.

We are proud to support the survival of this breed, as the Livestock Conservancy lists the Red Wattle as a threatened breed, due to the small number of registered purebred hogs.


It takes 12-14 months to obtain the ideal slaughter weight for our Red Wattles. These animals are kept outside throughout the year. Their diet is supplemented with oats, corn, hay silage, seasonal pumpkins and other vegetables.

We mill our feed, so we know exactly what goes into their ration. No animal by-products, antibiotics, or hormones are fed.

Trillium Meadows’ philosophy is to keep our animals’ diets as natural as possible. They are slow-grown animals and not pushed with special hog feed ration to get them to slaughter weight in the least amount of time.

Vitamins and Minerals

Red Wattle Pig is a rich source of many vitamins and minerals, including:

Thiamine: One of the B vitamins that play an essential role in various bodily functions.
Selenium: The best sources of this essential mineral are animal-derived foods, such as meat, seafood, eggs, and dairy products.
Zinc: A vital mineral, zinc is necessary for a healthy brain and immune system.
Vitamin B12: It is essential for blood formation and brain function. Deficiency in this vitamin may cause anemia and damage to neurons.
Vitamin B6: It is essential for the formation of red blood cells.
Niacin: Serves a variety of functions in your body and is vital for growth and metabolism.
Phosphorus: It is essential for body growth and maintenance.
Iron: Absorption of meat iron from your digestive tract is very efficient, and pork can be considered an outstanding source of iron.