Red Deer Products

Trillium Meadows Heritage Pigs & Red Deer Farm

Red Deer Product List

  • Tenderloin
  • French racks
  • Loin medallions
  • Leg medallions
  • Leg steaks
  • Sirloin steaks
  • Leg roasts
  • Shoulder roasts
  • Stewing cubes
  • Ground
  • Sausages
  • Pepperets
  • Seasonal specialties



The red deer are on pasture throughout the year. Their grass diet gets supplemented with barley, corn, soybeans, and hay silage. We produce most of our feed and the rest is bought from local farmers.

Our red deer are raised naturally without any animal by-products, antibiotics or growth hormones added to their diet.

Venison Customer Benefits

• Locally raised premium quality venison
• Naturally raised
• Wide assortment
• Processed in an inspected facility
• Healthy for you and your family

Trillium Meadows deer are raised with great care with regard to nutrition, health and handling.

This enables us to warrant the following:
Exquisite Flavour: Our venison has a mild flavour in contrast to wild deer, which often has a wild or gamey taste.
Tenderness: Due to proper aging and processing, Trillium Meadows offers superior venison.

Venison is high in protein, contains iron, zinc and many of the B vitamins, and is raised naturally, without growth hormones, antibiotics and dyes. In addition, venison is very lean – there is no such thing as “marbled”‘ venison. A deer has 5% body fat whereas other domesticated animals have up to 25%.

Comparative Nutritive Value of Venison
Comparison Chart
(Based on 100-gram portions)
Calories Fat (g) Protein (g)
Venison, Loin Cut 159 3.30 25
Beef Bottom Round, Lean 214 9.76 31
Ground Beef, lean 265 18.40 24
Pork Shoulder Cut, Lean 219 10.64 29
Lamb leg Roast, lean 178 7.62 25
Veal Cutlet 213 10.35 26
Chicken Breast 159 3.42 31
Turkey (light meat) 154 3.45 29
Salmon (pink) 138 5.75 20
Scallops (breaded) 215 11.00 17
*U.S. Department of Agriculture